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Norbert Schaffoener has worked on resource management issues since 1991. Norbert is a Full Member of the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI®) and has specialised in land use planning for hazardous facilities, i.e. the use, handling, storage etc. of hazardous substances in, primarily, commercial and industrial sites.

During his time as Environmental Planner with the Auckland City Council from 1991 to 1994 Norbert developed the Hazardous Facilities Screening Procedure (HFSP) now used by about 40% of territorial authorities in New Zealand. In addition, Norbert was the author of various guidelines published by the Ministry for the Environment and a Quality Planning guidance note.

resourcesHazardous Substance and resource Management Consulting was established to provide advice on the link between policy development and assessment, planning and technical as well as scientific issues. Norbert Schaffoener has written and reviewed various District Plans for urban as well as rural local authorities in both the North and South Island. He has prepared numerous resource consent applications and Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs) for food processing facilities, plastic manufacturing, gold mine extension, oil/gas exploration and fuel storage on a marina and within a National Park. Norbert is now also an accredited Hearings Commissioner.

Norbert's practical experience in, and a rare understanding of both the public and the private sector assists in identifying and solving any problems early in any development. Norbert's advice has almost always been accepted and almost all projects he has been involved in have been successfully completed.

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